The Oesch’s die Dritten official fan club has existed in its current form since 2008.
Unlike other artists, The Oeschs have “only” one official fan club. The idea of a fan club was devised by Hansueli Oesch after their big break in 2007. The “Oesch’s die Dritten Official Fan Club” was founded in Thun in May of the following year, with more than 300 fans present at the first fan day. Martin Wampfler ran the club as President from the beginning until the 2018 annual general meeting, after which Beat Oesch took over.
There are currently around 850 members of the fan club, and they are not just from Switzerland: club members include fans from Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy.
All generations are represented, from young to old. Couples and individuals, grandchildren with their grandparents or often entire families become members, helping to keep the fan club unique and interesting.

One highlight for fans is the annual fan day, where the annual general meeting is followed by a special extra concert by Oesch’s die Dritten and there’s an opportunity to spend an enjoyable time with the Oeschs and other fans.
In any case, the fan club allows fans the best access to their idols: thanks to close and informal collaboration with the Oesch family, the connection between the musicians and their fan club is a very special one. Hansueli and Melanie Oesch are on the board so can influence the club’s services and activities. This makes the Oesch’s die Dritten official fan club truly unique and a real privilege for all fans!


Benefits for fan club members:

  • Small welcome gift on joining the fan club.
  • Official and personal fan club ID.
  • Regular mailings with information about the latest projects, concerts and fan trips by and with Oesch’s die Dritten.
  • Reduced-price tickets and/or discounts on fan trips depending on the event.
  • Exclusive free entry to the annual fan day with a special concert by Oesch’s die Dritten.


Membership fees:

Membership fees are calculated per person per year.
Children under twelve may become a member in conjunction with an adult.

Individual/dual memberships: CHF 30.00 / EUR 20.00 per person.

Teenagers aged 12-16: CHF 20.00 / EUR 14.00 (voluntary contribution) per person.

Children aged under 12: Free

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Oesch’s die Dritten Official Fan Club
Aeschlenstrasse 72
CH-3656 Aeschlen ob Gunten/BE
Phone:  +41 79 401 18 86


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