L A B E L S  /  S A L E S   P A R T N E R S:


M A N A G E M E N T  &  B O O K I N G :

  • Starfish GmbH –  Sacha Ischi: Our right hand in the office and our dates maestro.


O N S T A G E :

  • Aemmitaler Örgeli – Hansueli „Vätu“ Oesch has relied on Aemmitaler Örgeli for over 40 years.
  • CortKevin and Mike have been playing Cort guitars and electric basses for over 10 years.
  • decibel – Distributor/sale partner for Audio-Technica products in Switzerland.
  • audio-technicaOur Endorser for microphone and InEar-systems.
  • Ultimate EarsOur partner for top-quality, individually customised InEars (earphones).
  • Limex – Developer and manufacturer of microphone systems for Schwyzerörgeli and accordions.
  • Gabriela Frey, Kleider nach Mass –  Consultant & designer for our stage outfits for more over 10 years. Individual, stylish and perfect.



O F F S T A G E :