Dear fans, dear friends

This Sunday, 27.12.2020 – 19h00 Swiss time (CET /MEZ) we realize our very first LIVE-STREAM. On YouTube we will play a small “livingroom” concert and you can be there live.  Click >> 

We have summarized the most important information and questions for you here.

How can I be there? 
The best way is to subscribe to our YouTube channel, click on the live stream announcement and on the “Set up reminder” button.
When the live stream starts, you will be informed directly by YouTube.
However, we recommend that you tune in a few minutes beforehand to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Do I need to buy a ticket? 
No, you do not need a ticket. Being there is free of charge for all fans.
If you still want to throw something into the hat, you have the possibility to buy some stickers via the chat function.
The chat function is called “Top Chat” and you can find it on the right side, right next to the video image.

How can I communicate with you during the live stream? 
This is also possible via the “Top Chat”. Here you can write your questions and comments.

How long does the live stream last?
30- 60 minutes. That depends on you fans, among other things 😉 .

Will the live stream be available as a video? 
No, the live stream is really only live and will not be stored on our YouTube channel.
If you want to be there, the following applies: Sun, 27.12.2020 – 19.00 Swiss time (CET/MEZ).

Will there be more live streams in the future? 
Yes, it is our wish to build up a virtual alternative to our concert stages with today’s possibilities.
We would be very happy about your honest feedback, what you liked and how much you liked it.

We thank you in advance for your participation and your great support.

We are very excited to make music for you on December 27th.

Best regards
Oesch’s die Dritten