Dear fans, dear friends

For many years we have been allowed to send you our newsletters on a regular basis.
Recently you received TWO mails from us, asking you to confirm the NEWSLETTER INTEREST. Very important: This was wanted and was NOT SPAM!

Why did you receive this formal mail from us?
Many of you signed up for the OeschPost years ago and at that time still via our old website.
Now, for privacy reasons, we are obliged to ask for an official confirmation from each and every one of you.
Therefore we ask you, if you want to receive the newsletter in the future and benefit from various discounts, to confirm your interest and your address with the blue button in the last newsletter.

If you do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, we ask you to officially unsubscribe. You will also find the link in the last newsletter.

And if you want to subscribe to our newsletter NEW or with a different email address, you will find the subscription options at the bottom of our homepage.
If you have any further questions about the newsletter, please feel free to contact us at the office.

We thank you for your understanding, for your interest and also for your great support.
It is a great pleasure for us to inform you personally about our current projects.

Your Oeschs