It’s starting again!

Dear fans, dear friends

It’s starting again! Many great concerts are on the program and we are happy to be there for you again after Melanie’s maternity break.
Some concerts are already sold out, which makes us very happy. 1000 thanks!

Parallel to the concerts we are creating a lot of new Oeschmusik. On the 1st Friday of every month we let you take a look at our rehearsals on YouTube.
For the fall we have planned an album and several cool anniversary concerts and festivals to celebrate our 25th anniversary. You may be excited!

Furthermore we are allowed to be part of the 3rd season of “SING MEINEN SONG – das Schweizer Tauschkonzert” with Oesch’s die Dritten – what an honor!
The shows will be broadcasted on the TV channel 3plus from March 2nd.

Now we wish you a good time and look forward to seeing you on tour !
Take care!

Your Oesch-Family