Mit “Härzbluet drbi”! Finally new fan articles!

Dear fans, dear friends

We use the time without concerts to finally realize some long promised ideas.
It’s been almost a year since we asked you for your desired fan articles.
Now we have finally been able to realize some of them. Look here … 

We deliberately chose the motto “With Härzbluet drbi”. (With passion, with heart and soul).
With heart and soul, that’s what you are when you travel to our #oesch concerts. With heart and soul we are there when we record new songs for you in the studio or write a new concert program. It is passion that unites us as a family band and has connected us with you fans for many years. And it’s passion too that drives us to new ideas and lets us feel this indescribable joy of playing music every time.

So, we would be happy if we could share a little bit of “Härzbluet” with you on this way.
And yes, we are very excited to find out how you like the new things.

This collection is limited, which means we can accept your orders until January 15th 2021 at the latest.
The special thing about this collection is that each item is only manufactured after you have placed your order, i.e. according to your wishes.
Organizational this means that all who order until December 10th, 2020 will have the items delivered before Christmas.
(Attention, for deliveries abroad we can unfortunately not give any guarantee). Further order deadlines and delivery dates will be announced continuously.
Orders are only placed after payment in advance.

If you have any questions about the articles, please feel free to contact or

We wish you a nice advent season and all the best.
Your Oeschs